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General purpose adhesive for several industrial, domestic and construction related applications such as speaker, marble, tile fixing, night bulbs, automotives, bangles, pens etc. Excellent adhesive for pasting Gravel sand over unpolished surface of granite tile to provide grip with cement mortar.
Fast setting adhesive for metal gap filling and repair applications such as radiator leakage, blow hole filling on metal castings, ports machinery repairs
General purpose clear, transparent adhesive for making glass handicrafts, jewellery, hair clip, hair pins, pen lamination
Very fast setting clear adhesive for handicrafts, artificial jewellery manufacturing, glass to metal (for magnetic lock on Glass doors), glass to glass bonding including construction and repairing applications etc.
Very fast setting adhesive for magnet to frame bonding in speaker, very high strength bonding material for wood, marble, plastic & metal etc. Excellent adhesive for ship building, fibre glass component bonding, for pasting of marble, border on marble top in bathroom and kitchen. It can also be used on oily surface like to repair oil tank, cylinder etc.
High strength white adhesive for bonding dissimilar substrates like marble, ceramic, metal, glass, wood, fibre glass etc.. Joints made with this system are 100% waterproof.
Bondtite Gel is a medium strength two component highly viscous thixotropic adhesive, it is an excellent adhesive for sealing electronic components, coating on tile joints to avoid colour change of grout on repetitive cleaning, for making small beads over sari, chunari, hairclips and artificial jewellery. Jari & Colours can be added to give desired effect on textile, glass and wooden surfaces.
 Bondfit White is a white colored all purpose thread sealing compound with which leakproof sealing can be done on threaded connections. It gives lubrication while tightening of threads, seals and protects threads in an extensive variety of plumbing & threaded G.I. pipe connections over a wide range of services, temperatures and pressures.


Resizen is a general purpose single component thixotropic adhesive paste for bonding multiple substrates, it has very good water resistance, very high initial tack, good flexibility & strength. Excellent adhesive for installation of wall and floor panels, for bonding wood, metal, Glass, cement concrete, plaster sheets, hard plastics etc.


Resigrip is a synthetic semi-drying, visco-elastic grey colored polymeric sealing compound. This product is excellent for sealing small gaps in the metal joint surfaces to prevent leakage of oil, water and chemicals. It is resistant to engine oil, heat, pressure, vibrations and impact. Withstand temperature range from - 40 to +150ºC.


Single component adhesive for bonding wood, paper, canvass, card board, hard board etc.
Excellent adhesive for making fabric, ceramic, jari, bone, horn handicrafts and wooden furniture.


Resibond Red RTV has been specially developed for high temperature and heavy duty applications. It replaces almost any gasket used in automobile and engineering applications. The gasket made with Resibond Red (RTV) resists cracking, shrinkage and migration caused by thermal cycling. Pre-cut gasket can be coated with Resibond (RTV) to increase reliability.


A single component light curable adhesive which sets in seconds on exposure to UV/sunlight. VITRORES is excellent for bonding glass to any substrate like glass, metal, ceramic, wood, rigid plastics etc


A single component synthetic high strength adhesive developed for sticking all kind of natural and artificial leather, rubber, sponge, textile, wood etc. It is an excellent product for shoe, automobile, furniture industry etc. It bonds any two materials in which one of them should be porous i.e. wood to wood, glass to wood, plastics to wood. stone to metal etc. Drying time-5min., curing time- 24hrs.


RUSTOFREE is a single component rust remover, developed for loosening rusted nuts, blots & machinery parts. RUSTOFREE dissolves rust, carbon, tar etc. in 15-20 minutes without affecting the surface of iron, steel or any metal part. It does not contain corrosive acids or any chemical which will damage the surface of any metal.


High strength adhesive for bonding wood to wood & metal. Excellent system for wood repair and rebuilding work
Synthetic rubber based fast drying adhesive to bond various substrates like leather, paper, wood, rubber, glass, fabric Pearl, glitter (jari)
It is a single component anaerobic adhesive for retaining gears, pulleys, sleeves, brushes and bearings.


Instant adhesive for for bonding metal , glass, marble, plastic, fabric etc. Available in 3 variants to suite all your instant adhesion needs


Ready to use polymeric single component adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles, wooden moldings on vertical surface. Excellent adhesive for thermocol to thermocol pasting


General purpose, fast drying, clear adhesive for bonding as well as clear coating on metal, plastic, leather, paper, wood, rubber, fabric etc


Single component white emulsion adhesive for wood working and general bonding applications


A single component adhesive for bonding decorative articles to fabric. Excellet replacement for stiching of fancy garments


PVC Solvent cement for repairing and bonding of PVC pipes . Because of its high viscosity it makes joints leak proof and gives more coverage. Joints made with SOLVOBOND can withstand temperature from -35°C to 90°C


A general purpose light weight white colored polyester putty used for marble pasting, repairing auto dents before painting, rotten wood repairing, nails hole filling, pattern making, etc.


A Wax based polish developed for Marble & wooden surfaces, It is suitable for all colors of wooden furniture & marble surfaces. It protects marble & furniture from spills, moisture & dust.

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