BONDCRETE Two  Component Two component polymeric system for repairing cracked and damaged concrete structures. Excellent system for waterproofing, foundation bolt grouting and patch repair applications. Suitable system for bonding old to new concrete.


Holdfast grouting : Take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, add dry stone chips and quartz sand into the mix so that it becomes a paste. Fill the paste into the cavity and spread dry sand over the patch which will provide surface for bonding with new cement plaster.
Water proofing : Take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, mix thoroughly, apply the mix on clean and dry concrete surface. Leave applied surface untouched for 24 hours. Apply second coat of mix by paint brush followed by laying of 1" thick layer of cement mortar to prevent the treated surface from the effect of UV-rays.
Old concrete to new concrete bonding : take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, mix thoroughly and apply the mix on old concrete surface pour new concrete mix immediately over the area on which BONDCRETE has been applied. Quartz and silica can be added as per requirement
Mixing Ratio 100:50 by weight
Pot life 40 min. at 25°C of 100 g mix
Coverage 4 to 5 sq. m. per kg.
Curing time 24 hours at 25° C
Packing 300 g, 1.5 kg, 7.5 kg


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