Resibond 3010

It is a high quality multipurpose neutral cure silicone sealant suitable for use in
weather sealing of all metal and masonry applications. Adheres with porous and non-porous surfaces including steel, aluminum, glass, fibreglass, non-oily wood and many plastic surfaces. It is excellent for use with zinc coated/galvanised metal building products.

Applications : For filling tile joints, for laying tiles over bathtub and wall, for filling gap between tiles and wash basin, commode in bathroom etc.










Method of use :
Surfaces to be bonded should be completely clean and dry, cleaning of surface can be done with solvents (e.g. Mineral turpentine). Mask the adjacent surfaces with transparent cello tape for neat appearance and easy clean up. Apply sealant so that it completely fills the joint. Tool the applied sealant and remove masking tape before sealant skins. Skinning time of sealant is 5 min, touch dry is one hour and cures to a depth of 7 mm in 7 days. full bond strength is achieved in 7 days. Cured material may be removed from the surface by trimming with a sharp blade.

Color: Clear, black, white
Packing: 250 ml. 300 ml. cartridge

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