Resizen is a general purpose single component thixotropic adhesive paste for bonding multiple substrates, it has very good water resistance, very high initial tack, good flexibility & strength. Excellent adhesive for installation of wall and floor panels, for bonding wood, metal, Glass, cement concrete, plaster sheets, hard plastics etc.









Features: Nail Free construction, over paintable, Can bond most substrates used in construction industry, Excellent adhesive for wall panelling.
Dried adhesive can be removed by sanding or with cloth wetted with thinner.
Temperature resistence: - 30 to +80C,
Working time (at 250C ) 8 -10 minutes
Coverage 2 running metres/50 ml (if applied in 5mm X 5mm bead).
Curing Tyme
(Minute @ 25 C)
24 hours.









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