Resibond 4010
  • Acetic cure
  • Jet black colour
  • Good strength
  • Flexible seal capable of withstanding movement around the seal











It is acost effective , acetic cure quick drying formulation offering long term duraility in an range of general glazing applications. It may be used to glaze seal and fill joints in windows, Auto windscreens, skylights, signs, internal and external fittings & doors etc.

Jet Black colored, single component, highly thixotropic can be dispensed with an ordinary caulking gun, cures to a high strength, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint. Can be applied in any season, excellent resistance to weathering, UV light, moisture, ozone, temperature extremes, airborne pollutants, cleaning detergents and many solvents. Non -slumping can be used in overhead and vertical joints.

USED FOR SEALING: glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, ceramics, fibreglass, Automobile non oily wood etc.

Color: Clear, black, white
Packing: 250 ml. 300 ml. cartridge

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