Resimet Flenge Sealant
Resimet Flenge Sealant is an orange color single component thixotropic anaerobic adhesive to seal close fitting joints between rigid metal faces and flanges. Is is an excellent product for form in place gasket, gasket dressing and general purpose sealant to meet broad gasketting and sealing needs.

Makes flexible gasket for rigid machines flenge with less than 0.5 mm gap. Good chemical resistance .








Is is used as form-in place gasket on rigid flange connections such as gear boxes and engine casting etc. Almost 50% strength will be achieved within one hour and 100% will be achieved in 6 hours from the time of application when teh gap between 2 surfaces is 0.05 mm. When gap si more curing time will take higher time.

Ideal for sealing flanges with less than .25 mm gap, easu to disassemble . easy to eliminate, resistant to oil, chemical , vibration and aging, non corrosive & can also be used with existing gasket

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